Printful Dropshipping App Review

With over 341 high quality products, strategically located shipment and fulfillment points in the USA, Europe, Australia, UK and more, 24/7 customer support, Printful is a force to reckon with in the ecommerce and drop shipping sectors. The brand boasts a solid fulfillment network designed to lower the estimated time of arrival (ETAs) for drop shipping orders world-wide.

In this article we review Printful as a Supplier of Print On Demand (POD) drop shipping products.

Printful Key Features

No Order Minimums

One area that can be tricky to navigate in drop shipping is the aspect of order minimum thresholds. With many other suppliers, the minimum order requirements introduce a cost barrier especially if a start-up is seeking to bootstrap their drop shipping business and cannot afford bulk orders.

One of the great features of Printful is the absence of minimum order thresholds.

This makes the platform more inclusive and accessible as it allows merchants to experiment with their drop shipping models without any financial risks associated with bulk orders particularly for untested drop shipping business models and markets.

Custom Branding

Printful is a great platform if you prefer to have a seamless brand experience where you can fulfill and ship drop shipping products under your brand name/label. This includes custom product labels, pack-ins, and more.

Absolutely Free

Unlike some other drop shipping suppliers and apps, Printful runs a pay as you go model. This means no fees and cost upfront.

As such the platform has no monthly or upfront costs or fees. As a merchant you will only pay for fulfillment and shipping once an order is received.

Complete Inventory and Fulfillment Automation

With Printful you can automate product imports as well as inventory management on ecommerce platforms. This will streamline your drop business workflows as there is no need for manual inputs. More on Printful ecommerce platform integration later.

Global Reach

With fulfillment centers strategically located in different centers worldwide, Printful has capacity for efficient and faster shipping to customers both locally and globally.

This is an important factor if you want to provide reliable as well as affordable delivery options.

Quality Assurance

Printful only deals in thoroughly curated high quality products. This makes the company an ideal option for those either seeking to launch global brands or to create custom products for personal use or for small or once off purposes or use cases.

Diversify Your Catalog

The great part with Printful is that the brand goes beyond print-on-demand services such as product printing and fulfillment.

The company offers additional customization options such as embroidery-on-demand and all-over print possibilities.

This gives merchants capabilities to expand their online store catalogs with offerings such as patches, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, drinkware, footwear, etc.

White Label Packaging

Printful offers white labeling packaging which ensures that merchants can apply a professional touch with white-label packaging to their diverse product offerings.

This means that you can deal in products without any Printful branding on the packaging; and be in a position to build and grow your own brand and business.

Products sourced this way from Printful appear as if they originate directly from your brand.

Efficient Fulfillment

Printful has a fast fulfillment turnaround of 2–5 business days for all production workflows. This ensures timely delivery to your customers.

Trusted Suppliers

Printful works with a network of renowned suppliers such as Bella+Canvas and Gildan, etc. We cover the whole list of Printful suppliers later on in this article.

The brand has a solid commitment to dealing only in high quality products. You can go through Printful‘s quality page to learn more about the company’s partnerships and network.

Transparent Billing

Printful has a transparent and straight forward billing system. As a merchant you will only pay for fulfillment when your customer places an order through your storefront (ecommerce website such Shopify).

A Note On Global Shipping

While Printful has a global shipping network – there are a few countries that Printful does not ship to- consistently check shipment destination centers on the company’s website for the latest details on which regions are covered and which ones are not.

Printful Print On Demand (POD) Product Range

Below is a list of popular Printful products you can drop shipping via the print-on-demand integration under your brand name.

Printful Ecommerce Integration

Printful has 29 seamless integrations with a staggering 29 top ecommerce platforms, social commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Whether you’re on Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Etsy, or you just want to sell on TikTok or other major platforms, Printful has robust capabilities for a smooth and efficient integration with such platforms.

The wide array of integration possibilities enables merchants to widen their market reach and enhance their sales volumes.

This also gives merchants an opportunity to identify selling channels that align best with their business strategies and business models.

Printful works with a network of reputable suppliers outlined below:

Printful Suppliers

Bella + Canvas: This brand is renowned for its top tier quality tees that come in various sizes and colors. Bella + Canvas tees are made of airlume combed and ring-spun cotton for durability and softness.

The brand is strong on eco-friendly practices, and strikes the critical balance of trendy fashion with sustainable production.

Gildan: This supplier offers an eclectic wardrobe of essentials like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Gildan combines regal and classic designs with contemporary styles.

If sustainability is your core value, you would be delighted to know that Gildan has a Genuine Responsibility® program wherein Gildan focuses on sustainable practices. The brand uses renewable energy and minimal water in its apparel production.

Cotton Heritage: This is a US-based company that specializes in the production of long-lasting premium apparel. The brand focuses largely on producing particularly stylish loungewear essentials suited for DTG and embroidery designs.

Cotton Heritage products are endeared for comfort. If you are into cozy hoodies and sweatpants then Cotton Heritage is a brand you want to check out and connect with via Printful.

Champion: Champion is a leader in streetwear fashion. This sustainability inclined brand is a part of Hanesbrands Inc. Champion aims to make use of 100% recycled polyester and eco-friendly produced cotton in its apparel production by 2025. The brand is big on trendy streetwear and athleisure wear.

Stanley/Stella: This is a Belgian apparel company specializing in creating soft and durable eco-friendly clothing.

The company is passionate about responsible and ethical production. They sell hoodies and t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.

Next Level: Next Level specializes in soft cotton fabrics as well as innovative blends. The brand is renowned for its diverse styles and fits. Their product range spans classic tank tops, eco-friendly t-shirts and fashionable bomber jackets.

Econscious: Just as the brand name suggests, Econscious is an assertively eco-conscious brand that makes use of organic or recycled materials in the manufacture of its merchandise.

The company produces PETA-approved vegan and GOTS-certified products. Econscious manufactures classic unisex t-shirts and durable tote bags for an environmentally savvy and conscious market.

District: This is another top Printful supplier which focuses on casual and trendy basics. The company is committed to responsible sourcing and is an Accredited Participating Company of the Fair Labor Association (FLA). District’s range of products includes everyday hoodies as well as sturdy, eco-friendly t-shirts.

LAT Apparel: Soft and comfortable everyday wear are the hallmarks of LAT Apparel. The brand supplies clothing with a smooth printable surface.

LAT Apparel is certified by CPSIA and WRAP. The brand has an enduring commitment to producing quality garments.

What Is the Best Ecommerce Platform For Printful?


Shopify Review

Shopify is a leading premium ecommerce platform. The platform is popular for its user-friendly ecommerce website builder, solid security, flexible pricing, vast app and theme collection, over 100 online payment gateway options, etc. The platform can be integrated seamlessly with Printful as it offers a straightforward setup process.

Printful, integrated with Shopify renders one of the best combinations in ecommerce business models. Shopify is therefore the preferred ecommerce platform by most Printful merchants and drop shippers.

Being a leading ecommerce platform overall and with an offer of $1 per month for the first 3 months in any of its premium plans, Shopify offers one of the great opportunities to start a POD drop shipping business with Printful without any major financial risk.



This is an open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress. If you have a strong content driven digital presence running on WordPress and you want to start a print on demand drop shipping business, then Printful is a great fit for you.

WooCommerce can turn your standard WordPress blog or website into a fully functional ecommerce platform. Note that Printful integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce – rendering a powerful and flexible ecommerce solution.


BigCommerce is another premium ecommerce platform renowned for its enterprise level ecommerce features and capabilities.

If you prefer to run your print on demand drop business on BigCommerce Printful offers seamless integration with BigCommerce where you can drop ship print on demand products (and any other merchandise from Printful) on your BigCommerce digital store with ease.


Squarespace is a fully fledged website builder that also offers ecommerce website builder capabilities and functions.

Printful also integrates seamlessly with Squarespace, allowing merchants to import print-on-demand products to their Squarespace stores and sell them effortlessly.


Wix is a popular and versatile website builder. The platform has capabilities for adding ecommerce features on websites.

Printful integrates smoothly with Wix and provides users options to import print-on-demand drop shipping products to their Wix websites.

Below is a complete list of eCommerce Platforms that Integrate Seamlessly with Shopify





Square Online




Big Cartel


Adobe Commerce






Launch Cart

Printful API

Nuvemshop / Tiendanube


Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform for Printful Dropshipping

To choose the best ecommerce platform for Printful drop shipping you need to consider factors such as ease of use, the specific features that each ecommerce platform you are considering offers against your requirements and business goals.

Also consider your budget and any additional requirements you have for your unique ecommerce and drop shipping business model.


With Printful you can also sell your products on the Etsy market place. The integration makes it easy for retailers on Etsy to create, customize and sell Printful products.

The integration is comprehensive and seamless. It makes the handling of fulfillment workflows a breeze allowing retailers on Etsy to focus on their work of creativity.

Additional Marketplaces

With Printful on demand drop shipping you can also sell on Walmart and Amazon – the supplier integrates with these marketplaces seamlessly.

Social Commerce

In the social commerce category you can also push Printful products to the TikTok shop over a smooth integration.

Printful Reviews

Printful users indicate a high satisfaction rate with the Platform. The brand has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Shopify and an average score of 4.5 out of 5 on TrustPilot.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive ecommerce and drop shipping space, Printful emerges as a powerhouse which excels in ecommerce integration, pricing transparency, product diversity as well as a wide global coverage.

Printful also thrives in delivering a customer-centric service with an emphasis on quality, customizable branding, as well as user-friendly interface.

Printful is not just a drop shipping hub; it’s a robust ecosystem that connects suppliers, merchants and ecommerce platforms – empowering merchants to navigate the complexities of ecommerce and drop shipping with ease.

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