What to Use Instead of Oberlo on Shopify

Some of the top drop shipping alternatives to Oberlo apps you can consider for Shopify are Spocket, AliDrop, Dropified, Printful, Modalyst, Printify, Dsers, CJDrpShipping, SalesSource, Dropfied and Wholesale2B, and many more.

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Oberlo Was Shut Down in June 2022

The Oberlo drop shipping app for Shopify was shut down back on the 22nd of June 2022. According to the statement, the app would remain available to those who had installed it already but from the point of the announcement the app could no longer be installed and ceased to be available in the Shopify App Store. There are a number of alternatives to Oberlo Shopify drop shipping.

What Can I Use Instead of Oberlo?

In this article: What Dropshippers Work with Shopify we have published a comprehensive review of the top drop shipping apps that work as great alternatives for Oberlo for the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Overview of Oberlo Alternatives for Shopify


Widely renowned Shopify drop shipping app with a vast catalogue or products from a wide range of suppliers in the US and EU. The platform has fast shipping turnarounds focusing on the following drop shipping product categories.

  • Women clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Bath Beauty
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Kids babies
  • Kids & Babies
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Tech Accessories
  • Toys
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Automotive
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Bags & Wallets
  • Seasonal
  • Festivals & Parties
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Gifts


AliDrop is what you need to connect your Shopify drop shipping venture directly with AliExpress. The platform offers a remarkable range of features that automate shipment and fulfilment.


This is another well performing drop shipping solution for Shopify. The app is suited for entrepreneurs looking to pull a wide range of customisable products.

Some of the major product categories are:

  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Kids’ & youth clothing
  • Hats
  • Accessories
  • Home & living


Modalysts specialises in connecting Shopify stores with a curated range of suppliers. The platform specialises in high value and unique products


Printify is quite similar to Printful. The platform functions as a print on demand platform covering a wide network of suppliers. On Printify, you can create, customise and sell merchandise seamlessly.


Dsers is another top drop shipping platform which specialises in streamlining order fulfilment for Shopify drop shipping merchants. One good part with Dsers is that the platform has capabilities for bulk orders, real time synchronisation as well as seamless and efficient order management.


CJDropshipping is another top brand in the drop shipping business. The brand provides a range with competitive prices. On the platform you can get automated order processing and fulfillment.


SaleSource is a one stop drop shipping supplier and platform that helps drop shippers find profitable products. Like all wholes suppliers listed here, the platform integrates seamlessly with Shopify for product sourcing, order handling and fulfilment as well as analytics.


Dropified is another top brand in the drop shipping industry. Dropified integrates seamlessly with Shopify allowing for smooth product sourcing and single click product imports. The platform offers order tracking as well as product management features.


Wholesale2B is a reputable drop shipping brand providing a vast range of drop shippable products. The platform offers automation tools for sourcing and importing products into your Shopify digital store. The platform also provides tools for order handling and processing.

What to consider when to Choose the Right Drop Shipping App

Choosing the best drop shipping is a crucial part of starting your drop shipping venture. The app you choose must be aligned with the product that you want to drop ship, the suppliers you want to source products from and the locations you want to drop ship the products to.

Product Selection and Variety: Ensure that the app gives you the variety of products that you need. Settle with a drop shipping app that satisfies the range of products your drop shipping business focuses on.

Reliable Suppliers: You cannot compromise on this one. Curate reputable drop shipping apps that work with reputable networks of suppliers. Explore the app supplier network, check the reviews and ratings of these apps on the ecommerce platforms. Also check the social media handles to get a good sense of how the reputable drop shipping brand is.

eCommerce Integration

Make sure that the app you are considering can work with your preferred ecommerce platform. Popular drop shipping platforms and solutions are Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and BigCommerce. Make sure you settle for a drop shipping app that works for your preferred platform.

Note: Make sure the app integrates seamlessly with your digital drop shipping store and that there is minimal need to fiddle with things manually.

Automated Order Processing: This is an important part of drop shipping. To save you time and the hassles of getting products to the customers – make sure you consider apps that automate order processing, placement, tracking as well as inventory management.

Competitive Pricing: You need to consider the pricing structure of the drop shipping suppliers that a drop shipping app connects your store with. Consider the fees of the app and the cost of the products from suppliers.

Do your math here and ensure that the costs of products plus the app’s subscription costs give you room to apply a markup and make a profit, while remaining competitive in the market.

Transparency and Communication: This is crucial particularly in a business where you are dealing with people’s money and expectations that customers have to receive what they have ordered on time.

Settle for an app that ensures smooth and effective communications across yourself, the app and the suppliers. Also make sure the workflows are such that customers are always in the loop about order status as well as tracking information.

Quality of Product Information: To maintain a quality and high end drop shipping store, settle for apps that connect quality product networks and suppliers. Check if the app you are considering provides detailed product information, title, descriptions.

Also check if the app provides quality product images. This is crucial for marketing your business and building trust.

Scalability: As you are starting your drop shipping business you need to be growth minded. While you have to settle for an app that you can afford, choose an app that can scale with your business and has capabilities for high traffic and order volumes

User Interface and Experience: A user-friendly interface is essential for managing your drop shipping business efficiently. Choose an app with an intuitive dashboard and easy navigation to save time and shorten the learning curve.

Reviews and Ratings: Spend time checking reviews and ratings to make sure that the supplier and the app that you want to settle for has positive reviews from your peers – drop shippers who have worked with them. In trying to assess a brand you have never worked in real time – nothing beats real-world feedback.

Return Policy and Handling: It is crucial to consider how the supplier handles returns. Is the return policy transparent and fair such that it can maintain customer satisfaction?

Final Thoughts

These considerations are critical for making an informed choice of a drop shipping supplier, and drop shipping app. Remember that what drives a successful drop shipping business is market research, informed choice of products and niche identification, well informed choice of suppliers that, 1) Offer quality products and, 2) Deliver products efficiently to your target market locations – to the satisfaction of your customers.

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