Spreadr Dropshipping App Review

Spreadr.co is a leading Amazon to Shopify drop shipping app. The app offers a seamless integration for sourcing, importing as well syncing Amazon products, into and within your Shopify store.

Why Spreadr?

Out of the top Amazon to Shopify drop shipping apps, Spreadr has the highest number of reviews and purchases (1,511) at the time of writing this post. The rest of the apps are barely in their hundreds in terms of review count.

The app also brags a remarkable 4.8 (out of 5) rating on Shopify app store.

Spreadr integrates not only with Shopify but with other leading ecommerce platforms: BigCommerce and WooCommerce as well.

Should you want to consider alternatives Amazon to Shopify drop shipping apps, here is a list below.

  • AmaZone DropShipper + Walmart
  • Shoppingfeed
  • Amazon channel
  • DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed
  • Amazon FBA Shipping: ByteStand
  • Amazon Associate Connector
  • Multichannel Importer
  • Amazon Integration Plus

Spreadr Overview

Spreadr is a good fit for retailers seeking to earn profits or commissions by selling Amazon products on their Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce online stores. The app has the following features.

Spreadr Key Features

Effortless Product Import: Spreadr has a simplified order importing workflow. The app allows you to select your preferred products from a wide range of covered suppliers in the vast Amazon marketplace.

Multiple Import Options: Spreadr has multiple product import options. You can do a full (single) product import, or you run a bulk import via CSV. Spreadr also offers a Chrome Extension for convenient and seamless product imports.

Customization Choices: Spreadr gives you options when it comes to configuring the purchase call to action on your Shopify digital store. With Spreadr you can choose to keep the standard “Add to Cart ” CTA or you can change this to a phrase like “View On Amazon”.

You can even keep both options based on your business strategy.

Real-Time Sync: The beauty of using Spreadr comes in the real time sync function that pushes real time product and order updates from Amazon to your Shopify Store.

Profit Maximization: Drop shipping is about making money right? Spreadr is configured such that it allows you to keep all your commissions, helping you to maximise your profits with Amazon.

Advanced Features: Spreadr has advanced features such as auto tagging, mark up pricing, currency conversion and geo localisation. All these help to enhance your store’s functions and features- adding to a convenient and positive online shopping experience for your customers overall.

Spreadr Pricing

Spreadr has flexible pricing packages that accommodate diverse business needs.

Basic ($5/Month)

Unlimited product imports.
Amazon Button Link.

Pro ($10/Month)

Unlimited product imports
Chrome Extension

Gold ($20/month)

Unlimited product imports
Chrome Extension
Bulk actions

How to Get Started with Amazon to Shopify Drop Shipping Integration using Spreadr

Install the Spreadr App

The first step is to head over to Shopify and sign up for a premium account if you do not have one already.

Shopify has flexible pricing packages. The Basic plan goes for $25 monthly (paid month to month) and $19 monthly (paid yearly).

This plan has the essential features that you need for drop shipping. Also note that all Shopify plans have a free 14 day trial after which you will pay only $1 per month for the first three months.

This gives you ample time to figure out your drop shipping business and test your business model.


Please visit Shopify’s website to get the latest pricing plans as these change from time to time.

Once you have signed up for a Shopify plan, login into the admin dashboard and go where it says “Install apps” see the image below.

This will take you to the Shopify App Store where you can search for the Spreadr app. Install the app. You can take off with the $5 package which also comes with a 7 day free trial.

Integrate Code For Redirect

You then need to edit the product template liquid file so that you can implement a redirect to Amazon for the purchase call to action. You then need to insert the provided code so that every time the button is clicked the customer is redirected to Amazon.

If you are not on Amazon already, you need to sign up and create an account on Amazon. You can then use Spreadr to import Amazon products to Shopify

Final Thoughts

In the Amazon to Shopify drop shipping arena Spreadr stands out as a leading drop shipping app.

The app is a good fit for retailers that want to solely focus on selling Amazon products on their ecommerce drop shipping websites as well as entrepreneurs who are keen to add complementary products to their existing catalogues.

Spreader is a feature rich app that has a wide array of features and capabilities. The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface which powers effortless product importing.

Spreadr also has an exception support service to hand hold drop shippers in their journey.

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