Which Shopify Plan Is Best For Drop Shipping?

The Shopify Basic Plan is the best pricing plan for basic and essential drop shipping features. The plan costs $19 per month paid monthly and $25 per month paid yearly. The plan comes with all standard features that you need to run a functional and solid drop shipping business.

The basic plan gives you 2 staff accounts, which is a great feature for drop shippers with small teams or a maximum of two staff members. The plan allows you 4 suppliers for your products. For someone just starting out in the drop shipping space – the plan gives you the basic essentials. At this stage you also do not need much reporting and analytics. If you need more data and insights on the performance of drop shipping store in terms of sales and traffic – you can leverage free integrations with tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The good part with Shopify is that as your drop shipping business starts to grow, you scale seamlessly to higher tier plans that offer more comprehensive and robust features for drop shipping. – so there is no fear of the nightmare of having to switch ecommerce platforms when your business grows.

Drop shipping is making waves thanks to the cutting edge possibilities that come with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Shopify has a number of premium plans suitable for ecommerce. As a drop shipper you need to know which Shopify plan is best for drop shipping.

While all Shopify premium plans are suited for drop shipping, the Shopify Basic plan is the Best plan for starting a drop shipping business.

Understanding Shopify‘s Premium Plans

This post will guide you through Shopify pricing plans and features and will outline why the Basic Plan is the best plan suited for your drop shipping needs: particularly if you are new to drop shipping.


Let’s take a look at Shopify’s premium plans.

Shopify has three main premium plans outlined below.


P/M Paid Month to Month

P/M Paid Yearly

Basic Plan



Shopify Plan



Advanced Plan



Remember to visit www.shopify.com for the latest pricing and information.

Over and above the plans above, Shopify has other advanced and customisable pricing plans that cater to businesses with advanced needs and high sales volume.

Shopify Basic Plan: Ideal for Individuals & Small Businesses

Shopify Review

Shopify Basic plan has all the essential features that individuals and small businesses need to start a drop shipping business. Below are the reasons why the Shopify Basic Plan is the best Shopify plan for drop shipping.

Affordable Pricing: The plan comes at the cost of $19 per month when paid yearly and $25 per month when paid month to month.

The plan is cheaper in the long run when paid annually. However you may want to take the month to month plan for a few months when you are starting out and just to test the waters.

This plan, which is an affordable entry level drop shipping plan, has all the essentials required to start a drop shipping business.


Also remember that when you take up this plan you will get a 14 day free trial plus: you will only pay $1 per month for the first 3 months.

This will give you ample time to wrap your head around Shopify drop shipping features and see if Shopify is a platform you want to commit to in the long term.

Essential Features: The Shopify Basic Plan provides critical features for drop shipping. These include: inventory management, online payment processing, online store builder, product listings and various other features to make the Shopify Basic plan one of the most comprehensive plans that equip drop shippers with everything needed to set up your online store, manage your inventory, and process payments seamlessly.

The plan is a comprehensive package tailored to meet the basic requirements of drop shipping businesses.

Sales Functionality: Unlike the starter plan which only allows you to sell products at events and through social media and messaging apps, this plan has the critical sales functions and features that enable drop shippers to start selling their products right away.

Create Your Website: Unlike the Starter Plan, the Basic Plan enables you to build your fully fledged ecommerce digital store with capabilities for customization and a user-friendly interface.

Transaction Fees: Shopify Basic Plan has a transaction fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents on every sale you make within this plan. As an example: if a customer purchases a product priced at $100 from your online store, you‘ll receive $90.41. This ensures that as a drop shipper you get to keep the greater proportion of your earnings.

Staff Accounts: The plan allows to create up to 2 staff accounts. This is useful if you are running your drop shipping enterprise with a small team. The plan enables efficient collaboration across the team of 3 (yourself as the account holder plus 2 staff accounts).

Inventory Locations: If you are running a medium to large sized drop shipping business, Shopify Basic Plan allows you to configure up to 4 inventory locations. This affords much flexibility in managing your products.

Basic Reporting: This plan has basic reportage. However it provides sufficient features and functions for beginners just starting out in drop shipping.

Take note that if you need more comprehensive and extensive reporting you can leverage tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

How to integrate Shopify With Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC)

To set up GA and GSC in your Shopify Store, you simply set up GA and GSC accounts the normal way outside Shopify, then you go into your Shopify Admin Panel.

From the dashboard navigate to where it says “Online Store” and select “Preferences”.

Scroll to where it says “Google Analytics” , select it and paste the HTML tag that you obtained from GA. Save changes. The process is the same for configuring Shopify with Google Search Console.

Single-Country Selling: This plan allows you to sell your products only in one country. While this may be seen as a limitation, this is usually sufficient for individuals and businesses that are just starting out in drop shipping.

When is the Shopify Basic Plan Ideal for Drop shipping?

The Shopify Basic Plan is suited for small businesses running a drop shipping business with one or two more team members.

The plan is also suited for drop shipping start-ups with less than 4 suppliers for merchandise, while the plan is limited to four product suppliers, the plan offers efficient inventory management features.

The plan is also suited for individuals and businesses looking to sell within one country and with limited sales volumes. The plan provides high end features for setting a drop shipping enterprise with ease.

The Path to Success with Shopify Basic

The good part with Shopify plans is that they are flexible and affordable. Once your drop shipping business starts reaching around $16000 and above in sales volume, you can consider upgrading to the next plan (Shopify Plan) seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

The Shopify basic plan is one of the best drop shipping plans available in the ecommerce platforming arena. The plan provides a great balance of price, features and functions.

This critical balance makes the plan a great fit for drop shippers that are new in the game and want a plan with comprehensive and yet affordable features.

With its robust ecommerce platform and flexible pricing plans, Shopify enables you to start small and grow your business within the platform, without the nightmare of switching platforms amid operations.

Remember, the plan has a free 14 day trial plus you will only pay $1 for the first 3 months. You can literally run your drop shipping business on Shopify for 3 solid months without any financial risk related to Shopify costs.

What valid excuse do you have for not signing up with Shopify right?

Wishing you all the best in your drop shipping venture.

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