What Dropshippers Work With Shopify?

There are a number of drop shippers that work with Shopify such as AliExpress, Alibaba, SaleHoo, WorldWide Brands, Doba, Sunrise Wholesale, Wholesale2b, Megagoods and Modalyst, etc.

Since the Oberlo drop shipping was shut down in June 2022, many drop shippers have been looking for drop shipping alternatives to Oberlo.

These drop shippers focus on different product types, suppliers and also differ on the countries/locations they supply. You need to explore each of these to determine the one best suited for your niche, product lines as well as regions that fall within your geographic target market.

Exploring the Best Shopify Drop shipping Suppliers: A Comprehensive Guide

A report by Yaguara indicates that around 33% uptake of drop shipping by businesses. The report also indicates 85 billion in sales earned through drop shipping – which translates to 23% of all online sales – indicating that drop shipping is 10 to 20% more times more profitable than affiliate marketing.

In the following section we will explore the best drop shipping suppliers for Shopify and highlight the pros and cons of each.

AliExpress: A Global E-Commerce Giant

AliExpress is one of the leading brands in drop shipping. The company offers a huge product range that covers diverse niches and sub niches. Some of the niches covered include Consumer electronics, Home improvement and Lighting, Jewellery, Home and Garden, pet supplies, home and garden accessories, tools and industrial, lingerie and loungewear, etc.

AliExpress is renowned for its user-friendly platform that can be integrated seamlessly with Shopify. AliExpress has longer shipping times, however it remains a strong contender for the top spot as one of the best drop shipping suppliers for Shopify.

Aliexpress Pros & Cons


Huge product selection
Offers Competitive pricing
Efficient order processing


Longer shipping times
Varied product quality

Alibaba: Connecting Businesses with Suppliers

Alibaba is another B2B platform and top drop shipper for Shopify. The platform is traditionally known for bulk orders. Over the years the platform has evolved to provide access to a wide range of products. The platform is a great fit for entrepreneurs that seek to establish thriving drop shipping business based on long term relationships with suppliers.

Alibaba Pros & Cons


A vast network of suppliers
A wide range of product categories
Capabilities for bulk orders


Longer shipping times
Complexity for beginners

SaleHoo A Directory of Trusted Suppliers

SaleHoo is another solid drop shipping platform with a comprehensive directory of vetted drop shipping suppliers. The platform offers an expertly selected spectrum of wholesalers, manufacturers and liquidators. The platform also publishes product and supplier data as well as insights to help merchants find reliable suppliers for their drop shipping ecommerce businesses.

SaleHoo Pros and Cons


Curated list of vetted suppliers
Helpful and Insightful market research tools
Vibrant support community


Membership fee
Limited to listed suppliers

Worldwide Brands: Your Gateway to Certified Wholesalers

Worldwide Brands is a growing drop shipping platform that connects entrepreneurs with certified wholesalers. The platform presents a vast supplier database. Worldwide Brands goes to great lengths to ensure product quality and to meet the needs of entrepreneurs with a diverse range of products.

Worldwide Brands


Directory of Certified wholesalers
Large supplier directory
Ongoing updates for product availability


Membership fee
Learning curve for beginners

Doba Streamlining Dropshipping Processes

Doba is yet another credible platform that simplifies the process of sourcing drop shipping products. Doba offers a wide array of products from suppliers globally. Doba has a seamless integration with top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Doba is an easy choice for ecommerce entrepreneurs seeking convenience and efficiency in sourcing drop shipping products.

Doba Pros & Cons


Simplified and efficient product sourcing
Diverse collection of products from several global suppliers
Integration with popular e-commerce platforms


Monthly subscription fee
Limited to the products in the catalog

Sunrise Wholesale: Catering to Various Niches

Sunrise Wholesale is renowned for its diverse product range that encompasses various niches. On the Sunrise Wholesale platform you can access brand name products at competitive prices. The platform also offers seamless integration capabilities for ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Sunrise Wholesale Pros & Cons


Diverse product collection
Competitive pricing
User-friendly platform
Seamless integration with Shopify


Membership fee
Limited to certain niches

Wholesale2b: Multi-Channel Integration Made Easy

Wholesale2b simplifies the process of setting up a drop shipping business on Shopify. The platform offers multi-channel integration and provides access to a vast collection of products in different niches and from different suppliers. Wholesale2b is a great platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to set up and manage multiple sales channels.



Multi-channel integration
Wide array of products
User-friendly platform


Monthly subscription fee
Limited customization options

Megagoods Electronics and Consumer Goods

If you want to venture into drop shipping electronics and consumer goods, Megagoods is a platform you need to consider for sourcing your products.

Megagoods streamlines the process of sourcing brand name products and order fulfilment services.

Megagoods Pros & Cons


Specialization in electronics
Brand-name products
Efficient order fulfillment


Limited product categories
Membership fee

Wholesale Central: A Comprehensive Sourcing Platform

Wholesale Central is another top platform in drop shipping outsourcing solutions. The platform helps connect merchants and drop shippers with suppliers across a diverse range of industries. The platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface that enables an easy to follow process to browse , search and select products.

Wholesale Central Pros & Cons


Comprehensive sourcing platform
User-friendly interface
Access to suppliers from various industries


Limited to US-based suppliers
Smaller product range compared to other platforms

Modalyst: Curating a Unique Product Catalog

The last , but of course NOT the least drop shipping supplier in the list is Modalyst. The platform is popular for its curated marketplace of product suppliers. The platform also integrates seamlessly with Shopify and offers capabilities for automated order processing. Modalyst also specializes in linking retailers with suppliers of trendy and exclusive products.

Modalyst Pros & Cons


Curated selection of independent brands
Trendy and exclusive products
Streamlined order processing


Limited product categories
Higher Product Costs for Exclusive Items

These platforms have apps that you can search for and install within the Shopify app ecosystem. Some of the top performing apps are: Spocket, AliExpress Drop shipping, Pritnful, Modalyst,Printify, Dsers, Wholesale2b, Dropified, etc.

Choosing the right drop shipping App

Your choice of a drop shipping app to install in your Shopify digital store must be informed by the following:

1. The type of products you want to sell.

2. The suppliers from which you intend to source the products.

3. The geographic regions you want to supply products to.

Each of these apps have their advantages and limitations.


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